Variare Dachshunds

You may be getting board of seeing these dogs, however I LOVE photographing them, now Truffle is growing, for Jan 2012 Joy wanted some new up to date photos of the dogs.

For a change I thought I’d do some studio photos, here are the results.

Joy’s current show team,

Pebbles (Medlicott Silver Dance Away) and Truffle (Abydachs Aruffle at Variare)

The Variare Crew


Door Stop

You might wonder about the name of this blog, “door stop” but it will make sense let me explain. People often ask me what makes a good background for a photo. Its hard to answer that question, it depends on what you want to achieve. For my own personal preference a plain(er) background often gives you a better focus on the subject. On the other hand, when out and about it is often nice to include the background (landscape, trees, flowers). When arriving for shoots at people’s home, its not uncommon for people to as when i arrive “where do you want to start…?” My first response is often – “front/back door!”

Its the first time for me using items within my photos to give them a different look. My sister suggested it, I’m not convince about the outcome but seeing as this was for my sister she is over the moon with these photos.

Holly wouldnt be without her squeaky toys


Outdoor Adventure

Subjects three beautiful dachshunds, as they appear a lot, I just cant stop photographing them. Truffle is now almost fully grown and so here the group are.

Truffle exploring the garden


I wasnt dinning in the soil. I was trying to help with the gardening

Lisa’s Posh Dogs – Advert

There is no end to my talents! (HA I wish)

Very simple but effective advert for Lisa and her Grooming Paralor

“Lisa’s Posh Dogs” –


First blog post of Vietnam, another massive thank you to the wrinklies for letting me join them on this trip. Its nice to see them keeping me in the life style I am getting used to.

Hope you enjoy the photos as much as I enjoyed my time in Vietnam and taking the photos. It was nice to see my mum enjoy all the Viennese silk she brought enough of it back!!

Met some kids on our journey who loved the camera. All they wanted was their photos taken.

Around Penang

A couple of snap shots while being out and about round Penang.

Singapore Zoo

A few photos taken at Singapore Zoo.


Elephant display

Local wild life in the Zoo!?

Bit of photoshop

Not forgetting my taxi driver, many thanks to my mum for all her help.

Singapore – War Memorial

I dont think there are many words needed for this blog. The photos say it all.

London Zoo

My sister decided with that because i had a new camera it was about time I stopped keeping the sofa warm and I got out and about. So where better to go then London Zoo. A lot of building work going on, however it may have been cold but we had a lovely time. Thanks Joy for the trip.

My main aim for the trip was close ups, I wont bore you with 100 photos (or the 600 taken today!). So here are a select few snaps.

Summer Dachshunds

Dachshunds in the summer.