So my sister and her crazy friend (she wont mind me saying that) Jane thought that a great idea to help raise money for Roots Nursery would be to sign up and do some CaniX. For those of you who know know what CaniX is, its bacisally running with your dogs. (Do check the link and find out for yourself what CaniX is all about.)

In Joy and Jane’s case its slowly plodding while your dog tries desperately to get you to hurry the ass up. So the dogs cope very well, while the slightly aging, over weight owners attempt to caught up.

So I just HAD to get this on camera. I was even prepared to drag myself out of bed in the early hours of the moment to watch then run and be there at the finish just to capture then crossing the finish. In the mean time I thought I’d invite myself along to one of their training runs and prove they were really committed to this. (And to believe they were really prepared to do this!)

Jane and her Mini Smooth (Ch Siouxline Isaac)

Joy and her Mini Long (Medlicott Silver Dance Away


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