First stop on my tour round Bangkok (Yes with the wrinkles in tow but someone has to pay for my to fly and eat!!)

There is a lot of history surround the Bridge, and as we went on the river cruse first, heading towards the Bridge you really do get hit with the work, deaths and war that surrounded this area. Trying to avoid focusing on the negative “deaths” and the number of lives lost I tried to capture some of the local community that brings the river to life.

It is very traditional in my family no matter where we go we must go Monk spotting. As you can see in the middle of the Jungle they hardly “blend in!”

Just to prove they really dont blend in!!

The view heading towards the Bridge

Every sleeper along the Bridge represents 10 lives lost during the construction of the Bridge.

Not forgetting to capture the local people who to be honest get very sick and tired of us “tourists” blocking pathways, (the one pathway down the bridge you can walk) taking photos (that would be me!) and people amberling along.

Don’t let this little old local lady fool you, she has elbows as sharp as razors and packs a mean punch as she steams passed bystanders…

Having just had this treatment I couldn’t help but laugh at my Mum who also go the same treatment of elbows and verbal!


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