Run Dachshund Run

I love these four photographs so much.

The dachshund’s face as he runs away, you can see the mild horror and help needed in his eyes. Meanwhile the Eurasia is just enjoying herself so much.



We made some new friends

Went out to the local disused air field for a quick fly in the sunshine and ended up joining some locals that had planes and had never seen a quadcopter before. Once all the show and tell was finished people finally started to put things in the air for me to photograph.

Safe to say the planes are a lot easier to catch with camera. They don’t whiz around so quickly, however they do tend to disappear up high and get lost in the clouds.


Its not just dogs that I photograph. I do have two of my own cats. Which to be honest I shamefully have not photographed as much as the dogs. They tend to either be very hyper active and makes taking photos of them near impossible, or they are mostly asleep and end up becoming a rather dull subject to photograph. As there is only so many pictures you can take of a sleeping cat or a stretched out paw.

They are very pretty when they want to be and surprisingly well behaved when food is involved. May have to set up my mock studio and see what they can offer me.



Socks has always been a subject to my lens abuse whenever she visits, she is a Silken Windhound owned by my sister and has many mad moments when out on a walk, but is stunning to photograph.

More photographs available at

Socks with owner Joy Middleton



Always enjoy photographing the family pets.

_DSC3602 copy WM


_DSC2803 copy WM


_DSC2730 copy WM



So since moving north from London I have been struggling to find something interesting to photograph that isn’t the standard landscape, flower, car, or animal. My fiancé recently got into creating quadcopters with some friends, so one day I tagged along to a quarry with my camera and got some surprisingly intriguing snaps. They use these goggles that are linked to cameras on the front of the quadcopters to get first person view (FPV) means that are unable to see me taking entertaining shots of them as they relax.

It’s been a while.

I want to apologise for being quiet for so long but many things have happened.

After finally moving out of my sister’s place giving her the peace and quiet that she wanted, I went North to Lincoln to live with my parents. Got the opportunity to photograph a long haired, black and tan miniature dachshund. (Photos on my facebook page)

Then in September 2013 I moved in with my better half who is soon to be hubby, slightly more south in Peterborough. So between, working hard, planning a wedding, paying bills, I found some time to relax and look for something different to photograph.

Me and my other half in Iceland.

Found something new to photograph, my other half has discovered a new hobby involving quadcopters and other remotorised miniature vehicles. They are a challenge to photograph as not only do they move faster than I can catch but they also don’t appear to stay still very long. That is more down to the controller than the actual item.

Anyway, watch this space for hopefully more updates that don’t take me so long to update.


Fish Eye Fun

Thought is was about time I had a play around again with my good old trusty fish eye lens…

This lens, well adapter is one of my favourite pieces of equipment. It has to be attached on my smallest lens so mostly wide angle shots but I do enjoy getting up close and personal to what ever meets the end of my lens.



The Parrot Zoo

The one day the sun breaks through to have a decent day and I grab my mum and jump into the car and off we set to visit “The Parrot Zoo” that we have heard on the radio so many times!

Weather was lovely, baking sunshine with a cooling breeze. However on the journey there if felt like we were heading into the middle of nowhere… a great bumpy road leading there though which was good fun. When we got there it looked like it was a giant shed in someone’s back garden but it was surprisingly well developed.

Along with a varity of parrots there was lemurs with two babies, a coupld of marmosets, peacocks wondering around with four chicks, a handfull of tortoises, some creepy crawlings and a small group of meercats with three babies.




Dachshund Club of Wales (2012)

Combined effort for this blog. Sadly I was far to lazy to get out of bed to join Joy travelling to Wales for the Dog Show Dachshund Club of Wales Championship Show 2012. So pouring snow, blistering winds, and freezing temperatures Joy struggled out of bed at 5am to meet friends to travel to Wales.

Photos taken by Joy Gonszor and edited by myself.

Miniature Long Haired Dachshunds – Bitch CC, BOB and BPIB, Abydachs Apparition, bred/owned/handled by Helen Geeson pictured with Janet Geeson, and Judge Mr G Jeavons

Helen Geeson and Abydachs Apparition

Abydachs Apparition in the ring

Dog CC Winner Tamera Touch of Class, owned by Mrs J Holmes, handled by Mrs J Welton with Judge Mr G Jeavons

Dog RCC Winner, Neertanauf Sea Magic, owned and handled by Mrs S Broad with Judge  Mr G Jeavons.